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Why is the benefits system based on such an old-fashioned understanding of the way people live today?Plenty of people I know live in shared houses with their friends and partner, why should they be denied JSA when the housemates who aren’t in a sexual relationship would be eligible?I’m now £200 out of pocket and in debt because I was initially told I was eligible and had to spend that money to be able to live without financially burdening anyone else.The irony of the situation is my boyfriend couldn’t actually afford to be financially responsible for me anyway, whereas our other housemate would be quite happy for me to live with them without contributing as he earns more money. When you get to know the benefits system you begin to learn that the only way to negotiate it is strategic lying. It puts you in a terrible situation – along with thousands of other women in the same boat, I’m sure.You should claim a payment as soon as you think you might be entitled to it.If you make a late claim you may get a payment from the date you sent your claim to the department but you may not get your payment back-dated to the time you were entitled to it but did not claim.—(1) These Regulations may be cited as the Jobseeker’s Allowance Regulations 2013. (3) They apply in relation to a particular case on any day on which section 33(1)(a) of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 (abolition of income-based jobseeker’s allowance) is in force and applies in relation to that case.

The time limits for making a claim vary from one payment to another.

The time limits are generally quite short for short-term payments and are longer for long-term pensions.

For example, in the case of Jobseeker's Benefit you must claim on the day that you become eligible and in the case of State Pension (Contributory) you can claim up to 3 months before and 3 months after you reach the age of 66.

I was wondering if anyone knows when my money will be backdated to, this is my first claim for ESA.

I would also like some tips on how to cope at Tribunals as I fear I won't be able to function properly with all the judgment and the questions. Hi Evie I am sorry you have so many health problems at such a young age.

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(5) In this regulation, “polygamous marriage” means any marriage during the subsistence of which a party to it is married to more than one person and the ceremony of marriage took place under the law of a country which permits polygamy.

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