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After the strike was over, the final five episodes aired starting April 10, 2008. It's mentioned in several episodes throughout the season. Episode 12, titled "My Commitment" was partially completed before the strike, but was never completed or aired.

Meanwhile, the rest of Sacred Heart team also seem to be having parenting issues, with Cox wondering whether to give his daughter an injection, Turk and Carla attempting to complete a video game so that they can focus on Izzy, and Kelso helping his son Harrison through a breakup. It works and that’s that.” The pair were seen kissing and cuddling up to each other at the NBCUniversal after party in Beverly Hills following the Golden Globes awards on Sunday.By Jay Mack Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer During the early seasons of “Love & Hip Hop,” they had all of the top models and vixens from the past few years.But the dynastic ambitions of others, and the fact she had a colourful past, ruled out any serious consideration of the then Camilla Shand as a future Princess of Wales.Looked at now through the prism of history, the 1970s were a desperate time for the Prince as he tried to find a wife he didn’t really want.


This was the final season to air on NBC after it was picked up by ABC. Plus, the Janitor starts dating Lady, who works at the hospital. Carla tells Turk that due to his diabetes, he can only have one candy bar every six months.