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She’s been married three times and widowed twice, yet has lived as a single woman for half of her 85 years. I told myself you couldn’t possibly be interested, let alone–‘ ‘In love. And only if God so led, would Jim ask Elisabeth to marry him. Finally in 1953, Jim felt God give him the go-ahead to propose . The letters are filled eloquent messages of love and longing.

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She grew up in a loving, Christian home and knew from a young age that God wanted her to be a missionary. “There was a student on campus whom I had been noticing more and more. The revelation I’d been hoping for–he had some feelings for me . Maybe a video excerpt from the documentary Beyond the Gates of Splendor will whet your appetite! The first minute or so is Elisabeth talking about Jim.

She was quite, studious, serious, contemplative, and didn’t make friends easily. My brother Dave had been encouraging me to get acquainted with him. Next, Dave Howard and Olive Fleming share memories of Jim.

—Elisabeth Elliot Elisabeth Elliot was my spiritual mother.

Therefore, it is to be done gladly, if it is done for Him. In this job, not in some other, God looks for faithfulness.

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I noticed Jim in the Foreign Missionary Fellowship—earnest, committed to missionary service, outspoken. The last few minutes show Elisabeth (Betty Howard) and Jim getting married.