Greek city dating

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Greek city dating

In some ways, it is the landscape that helped shape the development of the city-states.

Greece’s archaic period occurred between 800 BC and 480 BC and came after what is known as Greece’s dark ages.

The Greek Calendar is much like ancient Greece itself.Today, Greece is one country with one central government throughout.However, back in the Archaic Period, Greece was made up of city-states, which were sprinkled all over the Greek-speaking region we now understand to be modern day Greece.Researchers from the University of Cincinnati’s Classics faculty are preparing to make their first public presentation of details surrounding their find of one of the earliest Greek temples in the Adriatic region north of Greece.The temple they have discovered, located in coastal Albania, is only the fifth known stone temple in Albania.

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The city-states, or polis, really began as small agricultural communities.

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