Tom sturridge dating camilla belle

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Even though it feels like it was just last week, I know that 20 is far, far away. I’d like to think some things don’t change so drastically.

The one with a smoke swirl tattooed onto his suit……f-ck?

Do you know many girls in their 20s who’d be quivering over this androgen mess? Because there was never a day – NEVER – when I would have looked at this boy’s outfit and said, please baby take me home in your shiny suit with the swirly smoke and f-ck the sh-t out of me right now!

Have new buttons been introduced that are not available to those over 30?

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I don't want there to be a silence, because I'll start crying." in which Pattinson, 22, plays an adorably tortured permateenage vampire too principled to drink human blood, has been in theaters for about a month.Sturridge's publicist snorts at the very idea of a comparison with Grant, and one of the publicists for his movie is alarmed that anyone might mention the two actors in the same breath because young Tom might get offended.He is quite the luvvie-in-waiting - with famous parents, a career as a child actor and a friendship with fellow Brit Robert Pattinson, who is probably Hollywood's hottest actor thanks to his role in Twilight. Rob apparently went straight to his parents’ so Sienna will have to wait until tonight. Before leaving LA however, Rob hooked up with Camilla Belle for lunch on Sunday. Especially a girl who actually spends most of her time hanging out with ragtag hard living young struggling British actor-slash-musicians? Rob is currently the Crown Prince of Summit Entertainment.

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Robert Pattinson returned home to London today in advance of the UK premiere of Twilight. Perhaps he’ll go out, hook up with his friends, restore his English good sense after spending too much time in LA. They’ve been friends for a while, she was rumoured to have been dating his mate Tom Sturridge, and of course most recently, not even a month ago, People Magazine reported that she was/is the new girlfriend of Joe Jonas, replacing Taylor Swift….which means at least one of them wanted that to get out.

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