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season premier trailer showed her telling Ayers, “I love you,” Radar has exclusive details about her on-going relationship with her ex. Gunvalson finally broke up with Ayers after his cancer scam was busted last season, but he’s definitely not out of her life just yet. The two are taking things slow, and Vicki says she’s excited to see where things go. Don was very solid.” “It was kind of a last-ditch effort to save my marriage,” she recalls. but it would take an act of God or a miracle to get it back. We were good people together.” For now, Vicki is happy in her new relationship with politician Steve Lodge. Obviously, it’s annoying me that Brooks is the topic of conversation (again) and I feel like I’m adding to the annoyance by typing out his name, but at least it seems like Vicki is actually one hundred percent done with this scumbag. For the most part, Vicki ignores this, but this time she adamantly stood up for herself against the Brooks rumors. I was with my girlfriends all weekend.” Plus, I bet this was filmed for the show, unless my perception of the timing is off. Even though Vicki and Brooks have been officially broken up for years, I’m sure her mentions are still full of his name. ” She continued, “People will say anything to get attention!

“Anybody I've been with, I will always love,” Vicki admits. So, that was an indication that I was really in love with this man …

Gunvalson stood by his side for months, which caused a huge rift between herself and Judge, among other castmates (who thought Ayers was lying).

He later admitted that he fabricated medical documents, a revelation that caused Gunvalson to call it quits. On Tuesday, Ayers told Real that he would never entertain the thought of reigniting his romance with Gunvalson: “Not a chance!

"Date night with my sister, niece and daughter at one of my favorite places," she captioned the sweet snapshot ( Vicki previously dated Brooks, who appeared on last season of the "RHOC." Ayers infamously caused issues with Gunvalson and her daughter throughout their relationship, in addition to her cast members.

He also allegedly faked his cancer diagnosis during the show, which became a huge storyline.

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"I can only speculate but I do think they're still talking," Judge, 48, told show host Andy Cohen.

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